College Entrance Exams

  • ACT and SAT National Exam Administrations
    College entrance exams may be taken at various locations on Saturdays. Visit the websites below for more information about each test. Students must register and pay for exams through the testing websites below. Exam fees for national exam administrations are the responsiblity of the student.
    *Fee waivers are available for eligible students for national exam administrations. Eligibilty is determined by student's participation in the free/reduced lunch program. Request a waiver for the SAT and/or ACT with this online form.  Students can receive up to two waivers for each test in high school. The earliest a student can obtain a waiver is their Junior year.

    CTHS School Code: 442594

    To register for SAT:
    To register for ACT: 
    For assistance with registration, students can visit the College and Career Center at CTHS during their lunch period on Tuesdays and Thursdays beginning August 22, 2023.

    Please note that the testing companies approve or deny accommodations requests. If the accommodation request is not approved by the testing company, the student is not eligible to receive an accommodation on the SAT or ACT exam. Requests will not be submitted for students that do not provide the required consent or follow the processes above. The accommodation approval process could take up to 8 weeks, please plan accordingly.

    Preparing for the ACT and SAT
    Free Study Resources for SAT:
    Free Study Resources for ACT:
    ACT and SAT School Day Testing
    CTHS is scheduled to administer the digital ACT and SAT School Day exams on the following dates:
    SAT School Day (no writing): March 6, 2024
    ACT School Day (no writing): February 28, 2024
    School day testing is open to Juniors and Seniors.
    All CTHS Juniors will take either the SAT or ACT. Students will have the opportunity to take both exams, if desired. Any Junior that does not make an exam selection by the deadline will be automatically registered for the SAT exam. 
    Seniors that need an SAT or ACT score for college entrance or scholarship consideration may register to take the school day exam(s).
    For school day registration questions, please contact Melissa Cordova at
    2023-2024 School Day Payment Information 
    Juniors can elect to take one school day exam free of charge. Students wanting to take both exams must pay a $39 fee through the district Web Store.
    Seniors that took a school day exam in Spring 2023 will need to pay for their exam(s). EMS ISD only provides one free exam to students in high school. Seniors not previously taking a school day exam are eligible to take one exam free of charge.
    Fee waivers are not available for school day exams.

    If the college you are applying to is test optional for Fall 2024, should you still take the SAT/ACT? 

    COVID 19 has provided a barrier to students being able to complete college entrance exams such as the SAT, ACT, and TSIA2. Colleges recognize the barrier and are implementing policies to provide flexibility for students unable to test. You need to consider the following factors when deciding if you should still take the SAT/ACT. 

    • Not all schools are test optional at this point. Please check your specific college’s policy to determine if testing is required.
    • If you take the SAT or ACT and submit your scores to colleges, those scores could be used as a part of the admissions review process. High scores could help you be more competitive for admissions and scholarship awards. Visit the admissions and scholarship websites of colleges you are interested in to determine how they are utilizing SAT and ACT scores.
    • Certain scholarships may still require test scores as a part of their award criteria. Do your research when applying for scholarships to make sure you meet all the required criteria.