College Entrance Exams

  • Students can receive more information about or assistance with registration for college entrance exams in the College and Career Center, located in front of the 400 hallway, is a place students can come to complete the online registration. The center is open during lunch on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.
    Juniors will have the opportunity to take the SAT and ACT on the CTHS campus during the school day on the following dates. 

    Please complete this form to register for the SAT -OR- ACT School Day. This is a national test and will not include the essay portion.

    Test dates are as follows:

    ACT (No Writing) School Day: March 24, 2020

    SAT (No Writing) School Day: March 25, 2020

    Juniors can elect to take one exam for free. If juniors select to take both exams, students must pay for one exam. 

    Payment completes registration. Cash or checks made payable to CTHS must be brought to the CTHS Counseling Office.

    Registration opens December 9, 2019. Registration and payment are due by January 17, 2020.


    College entrance exams may also be taken at various locations on Saturdays. Read the flyer below or visit the websites below for more information about each test.

    CTHS School Code: 442594

    To register for SAT:
    To register for ACT: 
    SAT Dates
    ACT Dates