• Arrival & Dismissal

    Students will be dropped off in car lanes, by buses, biking or walking between 7:05 – 7:25. Car drop off may be in the front lot (west) or back lot (east) according to grade level as follows:

    • Kinder, First, and Third grades will arrive at the front drive off High Country Trail.
    • Second, Fourth, and Fifth grades will arrive at the back drive off Bailey Boswell between HCES and Highland Middle.

    Do not drop your student off before 7:05 as there is no adult supervision and student can not congregate at the doors for social distancing purposes.

    Bikers/Walkers/Bus will enter the south door by the big playground. Students MUST use the crosswalk, which will be monitored by staff members.

    Siblings may enter the door nearest the youngest sibling’s classroom.To encourage social distancing and mitigate congestion, no parent or family member may do walk-up student drop off beyond the front entrance of the campus.

    All students will wear a face covering inside of the building when arriving and when dismissing.

    Upon arrival, students will be greeted by an employee with hand sanitizer.

    Students will follow a staggered dismissal schedule to limit the number of students in the hallways:

    • Bikers/Walkers (biking/walking off campus to meet parents or walking home) dismiss at 2:40 from the south door that accesses the big playground.
    • Day Care/Bus Riders dismiss at 2:45 to the bus area outside of the south door.
    • YMCA dismiss at 2:45 to the cafeteria.
    • Car Riders dismiss at 2:50. Car pick up will be assigned based on grade level as follows: 
      • Kinder, First, and Third grade will dismiss at the front drive.
      • Second, Fourth, and Fifth will dismiss out of the back drive between HCES and Highland Middle School.
    • Older siblings will walk to the younger sibling dismissal area for pick up.

    All families will be provided with two car signs, and one must be displayed at dismissal. If families need extra signs, or a new sign, they will contact the child’s teacher. If families do not have their sign, they will be asked to show their driver’s license and may be asked to check their child out from the office. Face coverings must be worn and social distancing applies.

    For safety reasons, changes to dismissal plans should be reported in writing no later than 2:00pm each day.

    If picking up students for early dismissal, please arrive by 2:00 to avoid traffic and wait times during dismissal. After 2:00, you will be asked to pick up your child from the designated car rider pick up area. Students will not be released from classrooms before parents arrive to check them out for early dismissal. Thank you for planning accordingly.

    To encourage social distancing and mitigate congestion, no parent or family member may do walk-up student pick up at the campus. If you plan to walk-up for dismissal, please wait at the gate to the city park lot. These students will dismiss as walkers. Staff will escort students all the way to the gate.

  • Food/Treats in Classroom 

    Because of the high number of serious food allergies and medical conditions that we see among our school population, we do not allow food items to be brought to school as treats for students. This does not apply to the school parties that are approved by Board policy or approved snacks for kindergarten students. Please do not bring food items to school to be shared with your child's class.

  • Lunch Times
    Lunch times vary by grade level and classroom.  Please see your child's grade level webpage for exact lunch times.
  • Transportation Changes

    Please inform the school of any changes in transportation before 2:25 p.m. so that a message can be delivered in a timely manner. You can reach the office at 817-306-8007.


    Bad Weather Dismissal Situations

    Students need to know what they are supposed to do in case of bad weather at dismissal time. Bike riders and walkers are especially vulnerable to changes in weather. Phone lines become overloaded quickly as students try to call out and parents try to call in to make arrangements at 2:40. Making arrangements prior to an emergency will reduce stress for students, parents, and office staff


    Early Dismissal

    If a student is being signed out early, you must report to the office and show a picture ID. After identification has been verified, the student will be called to the office. We will not release a student to anyone not listed or without parent/guardian approval. In the interest of safety, parents may not go directly to the classroom to get their student. Also, we cannot bring a student to the front office prior to the parent/guardian’s arrival on campus.

  • Enrolling a Student


    • Certified birth certificate
    • Social Security Card (not just the number)
    • Current immunization Record
    • Proof of Residence
      • current water or electric bill
      • house contract may be used for registration, but a utility bill must be provided when available
    • Parent Driver's License 

    Withdrawing a Student

    A parent or guardian needs to contact the High Country Office at least 1 day prior to the student's last day. This will allow the teacher and registrar to prepare the withdrawal paperwork, and to make the student is clear in the library and cafeteria.