• Reasons to Contact the School Counselor
    To assist a student with:
    • Transition to a new school
    • Academic achievement concerns
    • Social Skills
    • Special personal needs
    • Crisis situations
    • Family transitions (i.e. death, divorce, remarriage, new siblings, etc...) 
    Students can come to see the counselor in the following ways:
    Student Request: A child may ask their teacher to see me.
    Teacher Request: The teacher may request the child to see me.
    Parent Request: Parents may ask that I see their child.
    Friend Request: Students can visit a friend in my office.
    Counselor Request: I may ask to see a student.
    As the school counselor of Comanche Springs Elementary, it is my job to assist all students on an as-needed basis and to work with them in order to have successful days here at school. I will usually see students by request once or twice. However, if there is a need to see a student more frequently, I will first request a signed parents' permission letter.
    Thank you for your support!
    Mrs. Taylor