• Information


    • Library is open 8:30am-4:30pm
    • Technology help is during lunches, 3rd-5th
    • Outside of lunch periods, students will need a pass from their teachers or a pass from the security desk before school
    • Students will use their own devices 
    • Students will not be printing in the library; teachers need to make arrangements for any printing
    • $3 for replacement IDs
    • $1 for white posterboards


    • Keep voices LOW
    • Enjoy food in bistro or cafeteria before coming in
    • Enjoy drinks with lids or caps any time
    • Keep areas clean
    • Enjoy all audio with headphones
    • Please treat the library like a study hall- no running, playing around, talking loudly, etc.


     Book Procedures

    • 2 books for 3 weeks
    • Manga/graphic novels ONCE a day
    • Full price for lost or damaged books/no overdue late fees
    • Log in to Destiny for the ebook and audio book collection


    Reading Passport Incentives

    • Like to read? Want to earn incentives along the way?
    • Check out our Reading Passport, or you can pick one up in the library.
    • Fill out this short form each time you finish a book.
    • Get your passport stamped and pick up your prize each time! It's that easy!