• Equipment List for Spirit of Saginaw Band

    All student will need specific equipment for the Spirit of Saginaw Band. Plan ahead and purchase these items. Items can be purchased from a variety of sources.

    • Music & Arts
    • Woodwind Brasswind
    • Lonestar Percussion
    • Amazon
    • Home Depot/Lowes/Elkins
    • Walmart/Target/Office Depot
  • All Students
    • Breathing Tube (1/4” diameter PVC tube with valve) tied around students neck
    • Black 1-inch 3-ring binder with sheet protectors
    • Tuner with Peterson Tuning Pick-up Clip
    • Metronome
    • Pencil & Highlighter


    • Flute with B footjoint
    • Clarinet/Sax Legere transparent reed BB3.0 for marching band
    • 5 wood reeds, rotated daily for concert bands
    • Clarinet 5RV mouthpiece & Bonade Inverted Ligature
    • Saxophone Optimum AL3 mouthpiece & Ligature
    • 2-3 oboe/bassoon reeds
  • Brass
    • Trumpet – Bach 3 mouthpiece (symphonic & concert band), Bach3 mouthpiece (wind ensemble)
    • Trumpet Step-Up Instrument: intermediate to professional model recommended
    • Horn – Holton Farkas MDC mouthpiece
    • Trombone – Bach 5G mouthpiece
    • Trombone Step-Up Instrument: Large bore with F Attachment
    • Euphonium – Bach 5G mouthpiece
    • Tuba – Miraphone TU33 or equivalent mouthpiece

    We HIGHLY recommend a step-up instrument for Trumpets and Trombones 


    • 4 matching yarn marimba mallets
    • Concert Snare sticks (NOT drumset sticks)
    • Marching Snare sticks
    • Timpani mallets
    • Hard plastic bell/xylo mallets
    • Vibraphone mallets

    Different Marimba mallets The bigger & more diverse your stick bag, the better!  As you get older, you should continuously add to your collection of sticks, mallets and percussion equipment.