Dual Credit Enrollment Process

  • The dual credit enrollment process is very important in ensuring that students meet qualifications and are enrolled in the dual credit courses of their preference. Each portion of the dual credit enrollment process is explained in detail in the chart below. 

    2021-2022 Enrollment Packet for BEGINNING Dual Credit Students

    2021-2022 Enrollment Packet for RETURNING Dual Credit Students


    o Step #1 -- Complete the application to TCC.

    Apply to TCC through ApplyTCC. Instructions for completing the application are attached to this packet. The link to ApplyTCC can be found by clicking this link.

    o Step #2 – Complete the EMS ISD Dual Credit Online Registration Form.

    Complete the Dual Credit Online Registration Form. This is a way for the campus CCRS to collect needed information for TCC paperwork. Click this link to access the form.

    To complete the form, you will need your TCC ID from the welcome email you should receive after completing the ApplyTCC application. This email will be from DONOTREPLY@TCCD.EDU and usually takes 2-5 business days to receive. Look at pages 2 and 3 of this packet to see list of dual credit course possibilities.

    o Step #3 -- Login to your TCC online account (WebAdvisor).

    You will receive an email from DONOTREPLY@TCCD.EDU 2-5 business days after completing your ApplyTCC application to TCC. This email contains your 7-digit TCC Colleague ID Number and TCC WebAdvisor username. You will need to access your online account to complete Steps 4-7 of this packet.

    o Step #4 -- View the Pre-Assessment Activity (PAA) to prepare for TSI testing.

    Login to your TCC WebAdvisor account (instructions attached) and view the Pre-Assessment Activity (PAA) video. Students MUST complete this requirement to be eligible for TSI testing.

    o Step #5 -- Complete the TCC #NotAnymore requirement.

    Texas SB No. 968 requires students to successfully compete the #NotAnymore program before their 1st semester at TCC. New students who fail to complete this step WILL NOT be able to register for classes. The #NotAnymore video and assessment can be found in your TCC WebAdvisor. Instructions to access and complete this step are attached.

    o Step #6 -- Complete the TCC Online Readiness Assessment.

    Instructions for accessing the assessment are attached to this packet. Click this link to access the Online Readiness Assessment.

    o   Step #7 -- SAVE the STUDENT SUMMARY and EMAIL to the Campus CCRS

    After you have completed Steps 1-6 listed above, log into your TCC WebAdvisor and save the STUDENT SUMMARY to email the campus CCRS, Mrs. Bradshaw at cbradshaw@ems-isd.net. (Instructions are attached for saving the STUDENT SUMMARY as a PDF to email are attached.) You must complete the EMS ISD online registration form AND email the STUDENT SUMMARY to complete the dual credit application process.

    o   Step #8 -- Complete TSIA 2 Testing.

    Only students that complete steps 1-7 on this registration packet will be eligible for TSIA 2 testing on the high school campus. Testing will be held on Saturday, February 27, 2021. Students must meet minimum score standards to participate in dual credit. If a student does not meet the minimum score, TCC will not allow the student to register for classes. Both the Reading and Writing tests will be taken. The Math test will be required if a student is planning to take a college math course.