TCC Registration Instructions

  • All students must register for courses through their TCC WebAdvisor account. Counselors at SHS cannot register students for TCC courses. Please follow the registration instructions below for the term you are planning to take classes. To set up your WebAdvisor account for the first time, please follow the instructions found on this link: WebAdvisor Help Sheet

    1. You must complete the TCC application (ApplyTCC) and meet the TSI testing requirements.
    2. You must also complete and pass the TCC Online Readiness Assessment 24 hours prior to registration.  If you have already completed an online course through TCC with a “C” or better, there is no need to re-take this assessment. You cannot enroll in online courses without passing this assessment. It can be taken at home on a computer with Internet connection. Please visit this site for more information and to take the assessment: TCC Online Readiness Information and Access
    3. If you are taking a face-to-face course on a TCC campus, you must provide TCC a current meningitis vaccination record. This record must be submitted to the TCC Registrar’s Office. There is no need for the vaccination record for online courses or courses on an EMS ISD campus. Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, all TCC courses are online for the Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 semester.
    4. If you did not enter your Social Security Number when completing your ApplyTCC application, you may need to take your SSN card to the TCC Registrar’s Office to update your record.

    Registration Instructions for Dual Credit Courses Spring 2021

    You must complete the following steps to register for your dual credit course. Registration must be completed by the student though their TCC WebAdvisor account. Counselors and teachers cannot register students through TCC.

    To register through TCC WebAdvisor for courses, follow these steps:

    1. Type in the address bar and scroll to the bottom of the page.
    2. Select the “WEBADVISOR” tab.
    3. Click LOG IN.
    4. Enter your TCC email address.
    5. Click NEXT and enter your password. For password/login assistance call 817-515-8324.
    6. Click the STUDENTS button.
    7. Select FIND SECTIONS under the FIND CLASSES & BUILD SCHEDULE heading.
    8. Select the SPRING 2021 term. (Located under ALL SECTION tab at the top of the screen. DO NOT USE THE DUAL CREDIT LINK.)
    9. Select the subject of the course.
    10. Click on the name of the course.
    11. Select the check box to the left of the class to select the appropriate section of the course you would like to take. Please register for the course you designated when you turned in your paper enrollment packet. (You can filter results by changing the campus name to Northwest.)

    Students taking their first year of English dual credit courses will choose from the following:

    • ENGL 1302-34311 (ONLINE) 
    • ENGL 1302-34312 (ONLINE)

    Students taking their second year of English dual credit courses will choose from the following:

    • ENGL 2327-34212 (ONLINE)

    Students taking U.S. History (juniors only) will choose from the following:

    • HIST 1302-34304 (ONLINE)

    Students taking Government (seniors only) will choose from the following:

    • GOVT 2305-34400 (ONLINE)
    1. Once checking the appropriate course, click SUBMIT at the bottom of the page.
    3. Find the ACTION drop-down menu next to your course, and select REGISTER.
    4. Select SUBMIT at the bottom of the page.
    5. Return to your account information by selecting STUDENTS MENU at the top of the screen.
    6. Repeat steps 7-15 to register for additional courses.
    7. View your tuition and fees by selecting SCHEDULE AND FEE STATEMENT under the BUSINESS SERVICES heading.
    8. Check schedule, residency and fees. Plan to complete payment or set up payment plan in WebAdvisor by Spring 2021 tuition deadline.


    *If you are not able to register using the instructions above, please contact Mrs. Bradshaw at