• PV Football Frequently Asked Questions


      What football equipment will be provided?

      We will provide helmets, shoulder pads, girdle (includes built in hip/thigh/tail bone pads), knee pads, 1 mouthpiece, practice jersey, practice pants, game day jersey and pants. 

      Can we take any equipment home?

      No equipment can be taken home.

      Does PVMS provide socks?

      Yes. Green game day sock only. Players must provide their own practice socks.

      What color cleats can we wear?

      Cleats must be school color, Green, Black, Gold, Yellow, White.

      Can we wear tights/long sleeves/ headbands?

      Yes, tights are allowed but they have to be White, Green or Black. Shirts worn under uniforms must be white, green, black or their PVMS athletic shirt. Head bands are not permitted. Necklaces and wrist bands are also not permitted. 

      Will coaches wash clothes?

      Yes. Coaches will wash jerseys, girdles, pants, and blues and greys. 

      Will lockers be provided?

      Yes. All athletes are given lockers.

      What about student grades?

      UIL rules are no pass no play. Athletes must pass all classes at the end of the 6 weeks. If they fail a class, they are ineligible to participate in games for 3 weeks but must attend practice. They will not be allowed to travel with the team. If they are passing all classes at the 3-week progress report, they will be allowed to rejoin the team.

      Can my student attend tutorials?

      Yes. Football players may attend morning tutorials. Players MUST communicate with a coach a day in advance when they need to go to tutorials. Players must still come to practice at 7:00am, at 7:45am coaches will release a player who needs to attend tutorials. Players must return to practice once tutorials are over. If they do not let a coach know a day in advance, they will not be allowed to leave practice.

      Can my athlete participate in both football and cross country?

      Yes. They will attend cross country practice prior to joining football practice. 

      What is the best way to receive football updates?

      Most information will be sent to parents via email through Rankone or Skyward.

      As a parent, what do I do if I have questions or concerns?

      If parents have any questions or concerns parents may first contact Coach Robertson via email or phone call. We will schedule a parent meeting if necessary. Coaches will not meet with or contact parents immediately after a game. We will reach out and contact the parent the next day if needed. Please do not contact Coach Peters or Mr. Harden first. They will ask you if you have met with Coach Robertson. All Middle school athletic concerns are to go through Coach Robertson first. If an understanding cannot be met, then Coach Robertson will reach out to Mr. Harden or Coach Peters.