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  • Physical

    Your child must have a physical in order to be in the athletics class and participate in a sport. All athletes must have a physical each year as well as other forms of paperwork.    ALL ATHLETES MUST HAVE A PHYSICAL, MEDICAL HISTORY & ONLINE PAPERWORK EACH YEAR. 

    Athletic Uniforms 

    Your child must purchase an athletic uniform. The athletic uniform consists of 1 shirt and 1 short. The cost for the athletic uniform is $35.00.


    At Prairie Vista Middle School, we offer the following sports:

      • Football
      • Cross Country
      • Tennis
      • Volleyball
      • Track
      • Golf 
      • Basketball
      • Soccer
      • Gymnastics

    We recommend that your child participates in as many sports as possible. 

    Please note the following guidelines for the sports.  

    All sports have a try-out procedure (except for football). That means that your child must try out and make a team in that sport. As stated before, the exception is football. There are no cuts in football. Your child will be on a football team if he tries out for the football team. 

    If your child participates in football, volleyball, or basketball, then he/she needs to be enrolled in the athletic class. 

    Cross Country and Track

    Cross-country and track are sports that are either before school or after school. Your child does not have to be in the athletic class to participate in these two sports, but we do highly recommend that your child be in the athletic class to improve their chances to make the team and to try out for other sports while in athletics. 

    Soccer and Tennis

    Soccer and tennis have their own athletic period. If your child is solely going to play either soccer or tennis, then they should be in one of these classes.  However, if your child is planning to try out for other sports like football, volleyball, and basketball, then we highly recommend that your child be enrolled in the athletic class. 

    Golf and Gymnastics 

    Golf and gymnastics are unique sports for your child to try out and participate. Both sports are done at Saginaw High School. High school coaches will coach your child at the high school. You must take your child to SHS and a bus will bring them back to Prairie Vista. If you have a child participating in golf, they must have your own set of golf clubs.  In addition, your child will not be able to participate in our athletic class if he/she is in golf or gymnastics.