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  • Renee Howle RN
    Email: rhowle@ems-isd.net
    Phone:817-236-8801 Ext. 4213
    Fax: 817-236-8805
  • What can you expect from your school nurse?
      • Administer medications to students either on a daily or as needed basis
      • Manage the care of diabetics, asthmatics and many other students with various health conditions
      • Provide first aid care to students and staff
      • Provide teachers and staff basic medical and safety training
      • Assist with emergency and safety protocol in the school
      • Complete state-required screenings, such as vision and hearing
      • Attend medical 504 meetings with parents and staff to assist with finding accommodations for students with health issues
      • Work with families to develop an individual health care plans for students with special health needs
      • Provide health education to students and families
      • Monitor students for current immunizations
      • Keep up-to-date by attending continuing education courses for school nurses
      • Provide a safe place for students to go who need care for illness or other health needs
    Mission Statement for EMS ISD Health Services:
    To promote quality health services to each student by promoting safety, well-being, and health education