• Daily Schedule

    7:05 AM – Doors open. Students are free to visit the cafeteria for breakfast or go directly to their homeroom classroom. A hot breakfast will served from 7:05 AM – 7:20 AM.

    7:20 AM – Students arriving for breakfast after 7:20 AM will be given a sack breakfast to take to class.

    7:25 AM – Breakfast closes. 

    7:30 AM – Tardy bell rings. If a student arrives to the classroom after 7:30 AM, they will be counted tardy.

    2:15 PM – Due to end of the day procedures, please make every attempt to report ride changes before 2:15 PM. It is extremely difficult to ensure teachers receive messages after 2:15 PM. Additionally, if your child requires an early dismissal, please make every attempt to check them out before 2:15 PM.

    2:40 PM – School dismisses.

    2:55 PM – If you arrive after 2:55 PM, you will be required to sign-out your child in the office. This does not apply to students staying after school for pre-arranged tutorials or practices.