•   Dual Credit Enrollment Process


    The dual credit enrollment process is very important in ensuring that students meet qualifications and are enrolled in the dual credit courses of their preference. Each portion of the dual credit enrollment process is explained in detail in the chart below. 


    Step 1

    Request desired dual credit courses in Career Cruising when completing course registration (with high school counselors) for the upcoming year.

    Step 2

    Complete the EMS ISD Dual Credit Student Information Online Form.

    Click here to complete the online form.

    Step 3

    Complete the TCC Application through Apply Texas.


    Click here for step-by-step instructions for completing the Apply Texas application for TCC.

    Step 4

    Complete and return the EMS ISD Dual Credit Agreement Form and Registration Packet to your campus CCRS by the deadline. CTHS Counseling Office - February 9 Deadline

    CTHS Dual Credit Agreement Form and Registration Packet

    Step 5

    Complete the TSI Assessment and meet the minimum scores for your desired course by the deadline.

    Step 6

    Complete the TCC Online Readiness Assessment.

    Click here to learn more about the TCC Online Readiness Assessment

    Step 7

    **Students taking a course at a TCC campus must submit a Meningitis Vaccination record to the TCC Registrar’s Office. This is only needed for courses physically held on a TCC campus.

    Step 8

    Ensure the dual credit course and course time you selected is reflected in your EMS ISD class schedule during the Personalized Course Selection process.

    (Juniors: April 16/17 -- Sophomores: April 23/24)

    Step 9

    Complete TCC online registration through your TCC WebAdvisor account for your desired course. (Summer Courses: March 26   School Year Courses: April 16)

    Step 10

    Make payment for your course to TCC.

    *TCC has a grant fund available for eligible students. Eligible students must complete the FAFSA, a TCC Dual Credit Grant Form and work with the TCC Financial Aid office to secure payment.

    Financial Aid Instructions 2018-2019