• Visitors

    Visitors to Dozier Elementary are asked to check in at the front office with a valid form of ID.

  • Home - School Compact

    Parents and schools can help elementary students start a lifetime of successful learning by becoming partners. Together, we can help children achieve success!

  • Student Responsibilities

    As a student, I will be responsible for...

    1. Attending school regularly
    2. Coming to class on time and being prepared to work
    3. Actively participating in all aspects of my education
    4. Respecting the rights of others to learn without distraction or disruption
    5. Completing all assignments to the best of my ability, and
    6. Spending time at home daily reading, studying, and doing homework
  • Parent Responsibilities

    As a parent, I will be responsible for...

    1. Seeing that my child attends school regularly and on time
    2. Providing a home environment that encourages my child to learn
    3. Actively participating in parent meetings and parent education programs
    4. Working closely with the classroom teachers to help my child be successful in the classroom
    5. Providing a regular time for working with my child on school-related activities, and
    6. Helping my child meet his or her responsibilities
  • Teacher Responsibilities

    As a teacher, I will be responsible for...

    1. Coming to class prepared to teach
    2. Helping each student reach his/her full potential
    3. Providing an environment conducive to learning
    4. Providing a safe and supportive learning environment
    5. Allowing students to be successful through the use of a variety of instructional experiences
    6. Maintaining communication with an ongoing basis through student progress reports, classroom/school newsletters and parent meetings, and
    7. Providing data that demonstrates student progress and mastery to student and parents.