• Title I Parent Involvement Policy

    Dozier Elementary is dedicated to the success of our students. The faculty and staff of Dozier Elementary believe that all parents are partners with teachers and other staff in the education of their children. Dozier Elementary believes that parent involvement is essential to the success of their children.

    The Dozier Elementary administration shall work in collaboration with teachers, parents, and guardians to actively support the faculty, the Dozier P.T.A. and the parents to enhance parent involvement by:

    • Respecting parents as partners in the education of their children and honoring their role as first and life-long teachers
    • Setting high expectations for excellent customer (student/parent) service
    • Expecting high student achievement for all students
    • Promoting parent involvement in site-based leadership and decision making
    • Fostering a welcoming and responsive environment for all parents
    • Establishing and promoting communication as a source of trust and understanding between the Dozier staff and parents

    At Dozier Elementary, we expect parents/guardians to be involved in their children's learning and education by:

    • Taking the initiative to seek the best educational opportunities for their children
    • Respecting the teachers and supporting the Dozier Elementary staff as partners in the education of their children
    • Utilizing two-way lines of communication between parents and the Dozier Elementary staff on the instruction, achievement, and conduct of their children
    • Participating in site-based leadership and decision making Actively volunteering at Dozier Elementary    

    Opportunities for Parent Involvement

    The Dozier Elementary administration will facilitate parent involvement by providing a variety of opportunities for parents to be informed, communicate with the staff and be active participants in the education of their children.

    The parents of Dozier Elementary students have opportunities to stay informed and communicate with the staff. The resources listed below provide important information for all parents.

    • Student Code of Conduct and Student Handbook
    • School/Parent Compacts
    • Parent-Teacher Conferences
    • Dozier Elementary Website
    • Dozier Elementary Facebook Page
    • Dozier Elementary Remind
    • Teachers’ Websites
    • Teachers’ Emails
    • School Marquee
    • Teacher Newsletter
    • Teacher/Grade Level Remind
    • Library Smore
    • Library Facebook Page
    • Administrator Newsletter

    The parents, faculty, and staff of Dozier Elementary have opportunities to interact by attending:

    • Meet the Teacher Night
    • Grandparents’ Day Celebration
    • Book Fairs
    • Dozier Family Picnic
    • Holiday Luncheon
    • Music Programs
    • Parent/Teacher Conferences
    • Parent Trainings
    • Math/Reading Night
    • Open House
    • PTA Meetings
    • PTA Events
    • Class Parties
    • Classroom Visits
    • Monthly Parent Breakfast
    • Breakfast with Santa
    • Field Trips
    • Read2Win

    The parents of Dozier Elementary students are invited to become directly involved in daily school activities by participating in:

    • Dozier Elementary P.T.A.
    • Volunteering
    • Field Trips
    • Homeroom Parent
    • Watch D.O.G.S. Program
    • Reading Blackout

    Parent input is valued at Dozier Elementary. Parents have the opportunity to be a part of the decision-making process at our school through:

    • Dozier Elementary Campus Improvement Committee
    • ARD Committees
    • District Representatives
    • Title I Parent Involvement Survey
    • District/Campus Survey
    • Let's Talk
    • Remind
    • LPAC Representative