• Arrival & Dismissal

    Safety is our priority.

    As many of you know, dismissal time is a busy time at Willow Creek. Please drive safely and remember that cell phone use is prohibited in school zones.

    WCE start time is 7:30.

    Doors open at 7:05. 

    1st bell rings at 7:25

    Tardy bell rings at 7:30

    We encourage you to arrive at the campus no earlier than 2:40pm as this is the earliest that any of our students would be dismissed. 

    Please have your Willow Creek issued car visor tag visible for car pick up. If you are walking up to get your child, please bring the tag to the office. If you do not have your car visor tag, you will be asked to bring a photo ID to the office for identification verification.

    Arrival Map for WCE

    Mapa para dejar alumnos


    Dismissal Map for WCE

    Mapa para recojer alumnos 



    If you have questions, please contact the Willow Creek office at 817-232-2845.