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    The Lone Star Reading List is a list of 25 books for middle school students chosen by a committee of Texas teachers and librarians. Books are selected based mainly on their ability to appeal to a broad and varied audience of middle school readers.

    More about the Lone Star reading program:

    • Students must pass a total of 12 brief quizzes to qualify for the culminating activity in May. 
    • The deadline to complete the 12 quizzes is April 16th. 
    • Though Prairie Vista has purchased several copies of each Lone Star book, they do not have to come from the PVMS library! You may borrow from your local public library, purchase your own copies from bookstores, or even download them to your mobile device. Access our Lone Star E-books here. Students can log in by typing in their ID# twice. 
    • It's time to get started! Even summer reading counts! (Don't forget to take notes on each book.)
    • E-mail Ms. Plocica in Canvas for an enroll code in order to start taking quizzes. 
    • Participation in this program is voluntary and is not required.
    • To encourage students to read the books on the Lone Star reading list, all EMS-ISD middle school libraries offer a culminating experience. 


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