• Wayside Beginner Band 
    Materials - All beginning band students should have an instrument, instrument supplies, a 1 .5 inch binder and a 3 ring pencil bag.  Please bring 1 box of Kleenex with you to the band hall during the first week of school. 
    Expectations - We have very high standards in the Wayside Band Hall.  Our students are among the most well behaved, polite young men and women in our school.  We expect each student to come to rehearsal on time, prepared with their instrument, binder and pencil.  We expect students to try their best each day and to work hard on their own at home to improve their musical skill. 
    Grading - Grades are divided into three categories in our grade book:  40% Daily Grade, (coming to class prepared, material checks, participation in class, etc.) 40% Tests/Projects, (chair tests, playing tests, written tests, etc.) 20% Other (practice records, etc.)  More information on grading can be found in the band handbook. 
    Home Practice - Beginner Band members are expected to take their instruments home each day to practice.  Practicing at home is a crutial part of becoming a great musician.  Students are expected to practice a minimum of 20 each night to keep up with what we are doing in class.  CLICK HERE to view our at home practice / practice record policy
    Practice Records - Each member should be turning in a weekly practice records that counts as 20% of their grade each six weeks.  Practice records are due on Fridays each week.  Practice records must be signed by a parent to receive full credit.  Grading scale for practice records can be found on the practice record itself.  CLICK HERE TO VIEW OUR PRACTICE RECORD