Our Goals

  • The Wayside Middle School soccer program will strive to meet the following goals:
    1. Technical Control - Every player in the Wayside FC program will learn to control the ball. This includes understanding and mastering control of the ball at the player's own feet as well as mastering control of the ball through movement (passing).
    2. Tactical Prowess - Players will also learn how to think about the game of soccer. Players will master the fundamentals of soccer as well as the deeper concepts of this intricate game. 
    3. Physical Conditioning - Soccer is a physically demanding sport. Soccer players are some of the most physically conditioned athletes in team sports. Players in the Wayside FC program will be developed physically (endurance, speed, agility, strength). 
    4. Psychological Integrity - There is a right way to play this sport. Players in the Wayside FC program will be taught the importance of good sportsmanship and will be expected to demonstrate good sportsmanship unconditionally on and off the field. This will include mental toughness, control of emotions and stress, and one's attitude toward self and others.