• Information

    • Library is open 7:45 am-3:45 pm (some exceptions for meetings, appointments, and testing days)
    • With teacher permission, students may use the library any time of day. Please see your teacher for a pass to the library.
    • $1 for white posterboard
    • Print up to 4 black and white pages for free, all color pages are 5 cents a page

     Book Procedures

    • 2 books for 3 weeks (can renew by bringing the book to the library)
    • Manga/graphic novels ONCE a day
    • Students are responsible for damaged or lost items and mat be charged the full price of the book to replace it
    • Free bookmarks (please to not fold page corners or use due date cards)

    Video Procedures

    • Students need a signed permission slip to check out movies.
    • Once a student has turned in the permission slip, he/she will be allowed to checkout movies as long as he/she is a student at WMS.
    • Please complete this video permission form and return to the library.