• Boswell Athletic Booster Club

    The Boswell Athletic Booster Club is the parent organization of booster clubs for all sports and trainers at Boswell High School.  The Booster Club is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization and provides support for Boswell athletics.  The Booster Club facilitates the business of the individual sports by filing a federal tax return, quarterly state sales tax returns, maintaining a bank account for the individual sports, preparing and maintaining regular financial reports, and conducting regular meetings for all sports, their coaches, and each sports’ VP. 

    No sport has an individual “membership” fee – Boswell Athletics encourages all supporters of Boswell athletics (parents, coaches, fans, etc.) to join the Boswell Athletic Booster Club.  Aside from a few maintenance funds (yearly rent for a mailbox and minimal bookkeeping supplies) all funds raised by Booster Club memberships go directly to scholarships for senior athletes.