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    Attendance Appeal Form

    Attendance Make-Up Schedule



    Attendance make-up is done in the KWLH (Kirk Watson Lecture Hall) which is located by the main student entrance on the east side of the campus.  The east side of the campus is the side of the campus where the Main Gym is located for your reference.  The location will be moved to the cafeteria in the event that the lecture hall becomes too full.


    Students are expected to arrive on time for make-up hours.  If the time to report is 4:30, please plan on arriving by 4:30.  If there is a reason that you may be late, please contact your assistant principal and they can assist with late entry. 


    If we experience larger crowds, the location may be moved to the cafeteria to assist with spreading students out.  


    If your student failed a class, they will not have to make up hours for that class.  However, it is possible for those students to average pass for the school year, so if they do not makeup those hours, they will not get credit for that half semester if they still owe hours.


    Please contact your  Assistant Principal's office for questions about makeup hours:


    Tanya Karpp-Green, Secretary for AP Genesis Reddic - A-De

    Mary Santiago, Secretary for AP Michael Blue - Df-Ji

    Cheryl Stone, Secretary of AP Michael Vargas - Jj-Ro

    Cheryl Stone, Secretary for AP Hillary White - Rp - Z