• Welcome to Specials Block!

Specials Teachers

  • Library - Laura Ingram lingram@ems-isd.net

    P.E. - Melanie Bradley mbradley@ems-isd.net

             Misty Powers mpowers01@ems-isd.net

    Art & Music - Victoria Walker vwalker@ems-isd.net

    Computer -

    Wizard of Oz

    Dorothy- Bridgette M.
    Aunt Em-Stevie L
    Uncle Henry -James C.
    Hickory (Tin Man): Grayson W.
    Zeke (Lion)-Jacob M.
    Hunk (Scarecrow)-Hendrix E.
    Miss Gulch(Wicked Witch)-Aazariah M.
    Professor Marvel(Wizard) AJ S.
    Toto:  Jalynn M.
    Glinda - Kendall N.

    Winkie Guards: Joe M., Ray C, Tristin J., Jacoby M.

    Leader of Guards- RJ W.
    Emerald City
    Doorperson:  Divine-Grace O.

    Guard :James C.

    Oz Woman:  Miya P.

    Emerald City Chorus: Sierra C., Russell S., Lydia S., TerryLynn D., Reina A., Gabby D.

    Nikko: Malina M.

    Jitterbugs: Granheur W., Jacelyn W.,  Lydia S., Haley M., Reina A.,

    Divine-Grace O., Gabby D., TerryLynn D., Sophia R., Miya P., Cynthia L.

     Apple Tree #1-Joe M.
    Apple Tree #2 RJ W.
    Apple Tree #3 Granheur W.

    Munchkin #1: Eileen J
    Munchkin #2:  Joy W.

    Munchkin #3: Haley M.
    Mayor-Sophia R.
    Barrister : Sia M.
    City  Person#1: Emma A.

    City Person#2: Jizelle M.
    Coroner-Miya P.

     Three Tough Guys:  Ray C., Easton E, Jacoby M.

    Three Tots:  Malina M., Jizelle M., Jacelyn W.

     Other Munchkins:  Evan G.,Poppi F., Niamya S., Allyson L., Adjoa K., Trentyn C., Tristin J., Cynthia L.

    Congratulations!  Thank you all for auditioning!  Don't forget to come pick up your packet from the Art/Music Room tomorrow.  Our first rehearsal will be Tuesday, January 4, 2022 from 2:40-4:30.