• 2017 Bond Progress

    Since the passage of the 2017 bond, much of the bond program has been completed and delivered within scheduled timelines and budget parameters. Copper Creek and Lake Country elementary schools have opened, and renovations and updates to facilities and systems across the district have been made. 

    There are a few projects remaining, such as the construction of Eagle Mountain High School, Elementary School #18, replacement of Wayside Middle School, updates to the Saginaw High School field house, and other operational system updates on various campuses.  

    Moving forward from 2017 to today, EMSISD surpassed enrollment projections and welcomes more than 1,000 new students and their families into our schools every year. With nearly 22,500 students this year, EMSISD is on track to increase enrollment to about 40,000 students within the next two decades. As a fast-growth, destination school district, the district is always in the mode of future-focused facility planning.

    Click here to visit the 2017 Bond Progress website.