• Committee

    In January 2022, a group of parents and community leaders in Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD met on Thursdays to review enrollment projections, housing trends, status of existing facilities and operational systems, and financial considerations. This Bond Planning Committee developed a list of priorities, which resulted in a recommendation for additional elementary schools to address enrollment growth, the purchase of land for future facilities, the replacement or updates of inadequate systems, and a focus on completing existing bond projects by addressing COVID inflation.

    Committee Purpose & Charge

    Serve in an advisory capacity to the Board of Trustees and Administration to:

    • Consider the educational needs of all students and align with the district’s mission, vision, and goals
    • Represent the entire community, its values, and perceptions in the facility planning process
    • Assess and prioritize the district’s current and long-term facility needs, including new construction, renovations, and capital improvements
    • Bring forward recommendations to the Board of Trustees as to how to address the district’s facility needs, including what should be included and how much money should be requested in a possible bond election

    Committee Members 

    • John Craft (Co-Chairperson)
    • Paul Jacobs (Co-Chairperson)
    • Cathe Bragg
    • John Canfield
    • Ric Canterbury
    • Ron Franklin
    • Weldon Hafley
    • Phil Hickman
    • Lauren TeGantvoort
    • Paula Harwell
    • John Jester
    • Bev Johnson
    • Jeff Longspaugh
    • Blake Mabry
    • Chuck Mellott
    • Craig Morgan
    • Kathy Pokluda
    • Karen Pressley
    • Larry Robertson
    • Ryan Smith
    • David Vega
    • Sammy Warren
    • Teresa Willis