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    We would encourage any student that has an interest in sports to get involved at the 7th grade level.  This is an important time for you to be involved because our focus is on developing strong fundamental skills that will help you be successful for the years to come.


    Here at Wayside our program is part of the High school, (Boswell) network.  We have a six year plan that includes teaching: Sound fundamentals, techniques, strength training and terminology that will help you prepare for your high school career.


    UIL Physical forms – All athletes must have a physical on file at our school in order to try-out / practice.   UIL and district forms can be downloaded from the district Athletic web page.  Our district Web page also has many Athletic opportunities that is geared toward helping you achieve your athletic goals.

    Please register in Rank One Sports and fill out all required paperwork.  This must be completed before trying out and practicing.  Go to www.rankonesports.com


    Team Sports – There are a total of six team sports available for you to be involved in at Wayside.  These sports include:

             Boys                                                                                 Girls

        1. Tennis                                                                          1. Tennis

        2. Football                                                                       2. Volleyball

        3. Basketball                                                                   3. Basketball

        4. Cross Country                                                            4. Cross Country

        5. Track                                                                           5. Track

        6. Soccer                                                                          6. Soccer

    *Off campus athletics is available. (Gymnastics and Golf), please contact our campus counselor for information.


    Athletic Classes – All student / athletes are offered the opportunity to be in the athletic class.  This is not a football or volleyball class.  The athletic classes are designed to support our in season sport as well as providing a well rounded training program.  Our focus in the class is:

    1. Conditioning and endurance.

    2. Speed and agility.

    3. Flexibility. 

    4. Weight room and strength training.

    5. Discipline and behavioral expectations.

    *Student / Athletes must suit out for these classes as a part of your grade.  You may purchase the athletic class uniform by logging on to our Athletic store.  Go to Athletic on our Web page, then click Athletic Uniforms.  Delivery time is about 3-4 weeks.


    Eligibility – In order for an athlete to compete in games or matches.  Each athlete must maintain a 70 or better average in all classes at the end of a six weeks grading cycle.  If an athlete becomes ineligible, the athlete can regain eligibility by passing all classes on his / her progress report at the end of three weeks.



    Logan Harben, 

    WMS, Boys Athletic Coordinator,  email: wharben@ems-isd.net