7:05 AM – Doors open.  Students will go directly to their homeroom classroom.  Students eating breakfast will pick up a "Breakfast in a Bag" in the cafeteria and take it to their classroom. 

    7:30 AM – Tardy bell rings. If a student arrives at school after 7:30 AM, they will need to enter from the front doors and will be counted tardy.

    2:00 PM – Due to end of the day procedures, please make every attempt to report ride changes before 2:00 PM. It is extremely difficult to ensure teachers receive messages after 2:00 PM. Additionally, if your child requires an early dismissal, please make every attempt to check them out before 2:15 PM.

    2:25 PM – Dismissal Bell #1 - Pre-K

    2:30 PM - Dismissal Bell #2 - Walkers/YMCA/Daycare

    2:35 PM - Dismissal Bell #3 - Bus Riders/Older Siblings

    2:40 PM - Dismissal Bell #4 - Car Riders (students will remain in their classroom until you arrive)

    2:55 PM – If you arrive after 2:55 PM, you will be required to sign-out your child, with proper identification, in the office. This does not apply to students staying after school for pre-arranged tutorials or practices.



    Student birthdays may be recognized in the classroom during the last 20 minutes of the school day.  Students may bring snacks or treats to share with classmates on their birthday.  Due to food allergies, we encourage unopened, store bought items with the ingredient label showing or non-food items.  Thank you!