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    Private lesson teacher contact information

    Much of the success of the bands in Eagle Mountain Saginaw ISD is due in a large part to our private lesson program. The band directors have interviewed numerous musicians in the area and continue to hire highly qualified specialists to teach our students and supplement the band program. A large majority of our instructors have bachelors or masters degrees in music and perform in numerous performing groups around the area as well as maintain successful studios in other districts.

    Private lessons are an opportunity for your child to receive one on one help with a specialist on their particular instrument. Private lessons benefit young musicians of all ability levels. Students receive mostly group instruction during their band time. The larger bands often have a class size of anywhere from 45-75 students at one time. In order for a student to continue to develop their skills private lessons are strongly recommended by the directors. The more advanced student can move ahead of the class and continue to excel at their level, often learning skills and techniques that are very difficult to achieve in a full band situation. The less advanced student can benefit from lessons by receiving the extra attention that is needed to build confidence and continue to progress at a pace that is comfortable for them without the added pressure of keeping up with the class. Lesson teachers are able to spend time on specific needs of each individual.

    We are very lucky to be able to offer an outstanding lesson staff. We hope that you will consider enrolling your child in private lessons.

    Scroll down for more information regarding private lessons as well as an enrollment form. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us. We want to offer your children the best musical experience possible and will gladly answer any questions or concerns you may have.

    Thank you,

    J. Scott McClean
    Creekview Middle School Band
    817-237-4261 x 5361


    $21.00 per lesson.  It is essential that any student receiving lessons during class be prompt at arriving to class and is outside the door waiting to enter at their assigned lesson time. In the event that a student does not receive their full lesson times due to uncontrollable situations that may arise in the school day, the instructor will be sure to make up the difference and will work this out with the student and family to meet the time requirement.


    Payment for private lessons should be made directly to the lesson teacher for the month in advance. Teachers will accept various methods of payment. Checks should be made out directly to the private lesson teacher. Lesson teachers are responsible for sending billing statements home notifying parents of amount due. If you are in need of special payment arrangements, you may talk to your lesson teacher to work out the details.


    We have been very fortunate to offer financial aid to many worthy students. We hope to be able to continue with this assistance. Please read the section on financial aid requirements for more information. 


    The following are requirements to be considered for financial aid:

    1. The student must have a strong desire to take private lessons and have a good work ethic.
    2. The student must maintain excellent classroom discipline and strong practice habits and show consistent improvement on their instrument .
    3. The student must attend their lessons regularly and on time.
    4. All students receiving financial aid will receive a half scholarship.
    5. Students/parents will receive a letter or email notifying them whether or not their application has been accepted or denied.
    6. Students that are approved to receive financial aid are required to pay their share of the cost of lessons in a timely manner.
    7. Financial aid will be given on a first come first serve basis assuming requirements have been met and money is available.
    8. Financial aid will not be given for unexcused absences from a lesson.

    It is the student's/parent's responsibility to notify a lesson teacher at least 24 hours in advance of any absences. The student/parent is responsible for payment if notification has not been made in a timely manner. Exceptions will be made for uncontrollable situations such as illness or family emergencies. Students with excessive unexcused absences may lose their lesson spot and be asked to discontinue lessons. Lesson teachers are also responsible for notifying the student or parent if they will need to miss a lesson. Excused absences will be made up in a timely manner and will be credited towards the next payment.