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    Middle school is a new beginning for your child.  No longer are they elementary students, but true "middle schoolers" now.  You will see a significant change in your child during these special years.  It seems that when the 6th graders enter, they still seem very young. So innocent and full of life.  This is the perfect time to get them involved in a great program that Creekview has to offer and learn the gift of music to last a lifetime.

    The Creekview Band consists of three different classes: Instrumental Techniques (aka Beginning Band), Symphonic Band, and Honors Band.

    Instrumental Techniques (also known as Beginning Band) is for those students who are starting from scratch.  Our directors will be working closely with each child to ensure that they are learning the proper technique of playing their instrument. At the beginning, you will hear some "interesting" sounds coming from your child's instrument 😊  But for the Winter Concert, they will be performing as a whole concert band. You will be amazed by their progress! Major focus points are posture, breathing, reading rhythms accurately, reading musical notation and developing listening skills.

    The Symphonic Band is made up of 7th and 8th graders. It is primarily taught by Ms. Hamilton with assistance from Mr. McClean and Mr. Spoon.  This class is for students who have completed the Beginning Band or returning students who have demonstrated that they are ready for this class. This class picks up where the Beginning Band left off, but moves a lot faster, further exploring new rhythms, styles and striving to attain the quality of a "varsity" level ensemble. Students in this band are expected to study their music and instruments diligently to prepare for the Honors Band or High School Band in their near future.

    The Honors Band is made up of 7th and 8th graders.  It is primarily taught by Mr. McClean with assistance from Ms. Hamilton and Mr. Spoon.  This is the most advanced instrumental group at Creekview Middle School.  By this time, students have learned most of what they need to know to play in this band and perform at a high level, so instruction moves away from the basic elements of music to concentrate on the more abstract concepts of musicianship. This is where we put all the pieces of previously learned knowledge together to make great music. Preparation for a successful high school (and beyond) band experience begins to be cultivated in this environment. The Honors Band performs for the student body, community and at local festivals and concert halls around the metroplex.