• Family Access FAQs
    What is Skyward Family Access?
    Family Access is an informational resource made available to every family at Comanche Springs School at no cost. This resource provides real-time information about your child's grades and attendance, class schedule, and demographic information. Family Access provides safe, secure and easy access to your child's school record.
    How do I sign up for Family Access?
    Signing up for Family Access is easy! Complete and return this form to the Comanche Springs office along with a photo ID. As soon as your information is processed, you will receive an email with your username and password.

    You can also bring the completed form and photo ID to Jean Guadalupe at the Technology Building (located behind the Administration Building at 1200 Old Decatur Rd.)
    We will not be able to accept any forms and/or ID by fax. This is an important security requirement - we want to make sure we are giving access to the appropriate people only!
    I had a ParentConnection Account. Do I need to sign up again for Family Access?
    All active ParentConnection accounts for Comanche Springs Elementary School were transferred over to Family Access for you. You should have received an email from the Jean Guadalupe with your new login information. If you have not, please contact her at 817.306.5624, ext. 281 or via email at jguadalupe@ems-isd.net.
    Will I need to sign up for Family Access every year?
    No.  Once you have an active account, you will not need to reapply.
    Why do my spouse and I need different Family Access accounts?
    In ParentConnection, we were limited to a certain number of accounts that could be created. Therefore, we only allowed one account per child. This is not the case in Family Access. If parents want their own accounts with their own logins and passwords, this is fine as long as they both legal rights to obtain information about the student. This will be verified when the account is being processed.
    Can I see information on my students that attend different campuses? Do I need a separate account for each child?
    Currently, Family Access is only available for students at Creekview Middle School and Comanche Springs Elementary School. We plan to transition the other schools in the district during this school year or at the beginning of next year. At that time, you will be able to see information about your children that attend other campuses.  You will have one account that gives you access to your children at all EM-S ISD campuses at that time.
    How do I change my password?
    To change your password in Family Access, you need to login to Family Access. Once you are at the main display for Family Access, please click the button in the upper right hand corner of the display that says Account Info. This button will show you all of your account information and how to change your password. You will be required to provide your current password when changing your password. 


    How can I retrieve my password if I forget?
    You can request your password to Family Access from the sign-in page. You can also email Jean Guadalupe (jguadalupe@ems-isd.net) for assistance.
    Why aren't all grades available at the same time? How often are grades updated?
    Family Access provides real-time information. Grade reporting is a campus/department decision. Since teachers input grades over a period of time, not all grades will show up at the same time.
    How can I retrieve my password if I forget?
    You can request your password to Family Access from the sign-in page. You can also email Jean Guadalupe (jguadalupe@ems-isd.net) for assistance.
    What if some of my student's demographic information is incorrect?
    Family Access allows you to make some changes to your child's information. Look for "data correction buttons". If you need further assistance, contact Jean Guadalupe @ 817.306.5624, ext. 281 or via email Jean Guadalupe at jguadalupe@ems-isd.net.
    Who do I contact with questions about Family Access?
    Jean Guadalupe is the contact person for all Family Access questions. You can reach her by phone at 817.306.5624, ext. 281 or email her at jguadalupe@ems-isd.net.