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    10251 Warehouse Way | Fort Worth, TX 76179 | Phone: 817-306-0684 | Fax: 817-847-5308

    GoldStar Transit provides a complete transportation program for the EMS ISD, including home to school, vocational, athletics, and extracurricular trips.

    Find Your Bus Route

    Visit https://eaglemountain.thebusportal.com/elinkrp/ to find your child's bus route. Parents may log into the bus portal by entering their student's ID number as both the Username and Password. You will be prompted to change your password after logging in for the first time. If your child's ID number does not work, this means your child is either not registered to ride the bus or they are in a walk zone. Please contact Tina Meads at tmeads@ridegst.com if you need to register your child for the bus.  
    Reminder: If you are new to the district and you want your child to ride the bus, your child must be registered to ride the bus. You can complete this process by calling GoldStar Transit at 817-306-0684. Your child's student ID# will be required to process your information.

    **If you move over the summer or during the school year, and your child rides the bus, contact GoldStar Transit to update your information.

    For routing or other transportation information please contact Sara Taylor at staylor@ridegst.com.

    Field Trip Information:
    • Forms are updated yearly and sent to campuses in August.
    • Teacher/department complete the field trip form at least two weeks prior to the trip.
    • The form must be approved by an administrator.
    • Form faxed to GoldStar Transit. (GoldStar prefers faxed copies as their email goes down periodically, also a faxed copy will show the date and time.)
    • Tina has one point of contact for each school, which is the campus/department secretary.
    • Tina will approve and return a copy of the form in the interoffice mail to the campus/department secretary immediately with notes regarding the trip.
    • Secretary keeps a copy of the form and places a copy in the teacher's box.
    • GoldStar is able to handle up to nine field trips during the school day between 9 am and 2:15 pm.
    • When the 9th field trip form is received for one day, that day will become a blackout day and campuses will be notified by email with an updated black out calendar attached.
    • Field trips are approved on a first come, first serve basis.
    • **If a trip is for an elementary camp event, students may each lunch on the bus or eat lunch early.