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    The following Beliefs, Mission, Objectives, and Strategies are a collaborative work of more than 100 people; parents, students, teachers, community members, staff, and administrators. The Aspire 2022 Strategic Plan was approved by our Board of Trustees on April 26, 2012.
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    A declaration of the unique identity
    to which the organization aspires;
    its specific purpose; and the means
    by which it will achieve its purpose.

    The mission of Eagle Mountain-Saginaw Independent School District is
    to foster a
    culture of excellence that instills a passion for a lifetime of
    continuous achievement in every student. 

    An expression of fundamental
    values; ethical code, overriding
    convictions, and rock-solid principles.
    1. Every student is a unique individual with unique potential.

    2. Effective communication is key to success.

    3. Engaged and interested students learn more effectively.

    4. Respect is a key to success.

    5. Education is a team effort.

    6. High-quality educational facilities optimize student and staff success.

    7. Accountability is essential to success.

    8. A physically and emotionally safe environment promotes student learning.

    9. A high-quality education is barrier free.


    strategic objectives

    An uncompromising
    commitment to achieve
    specific, measurable,
    observable, or demonstrable
    results that exceed its
    present capability.

    1. Each student will have a dynamic-customized education plan from registration to graduation which contains post-secondary goals and inspires individual success.

    2. Each student will be equipped with innovative technological skills to compete and contribute in a constantly-evolving global society.
    3. Each student will be challenged to fulfill the district’s high expectations and leave the district prepared and qualified to succeed in their chosen path(s). 


    Strategies are bold resolutions that dedicate
    the organization's resources and energies
    toward the continuous creation of systems
    to achieve the extraordinary as expressed
    in the mission and objectives.
    Strategy #1

    We will design and implement a system in which personal education plans are created that promote high expectations and meet the academic, social, emotional, and extracurricular needs of each student.

    Strategy #2

    We will create an interconnected community where technology is integrated into the fabric of all we do. The district will provide the resources, training, and skill development to drive our students’ future success.

    Strategy #3

    We will provide each teacher with the resources and opportunities to collaboratively plan the innovative implementation and delivery of the instructional program.

    Strategy #4

    We will create a culture that promotes each student's inner drive, providing the opportunity to reach full potential.

    Strategy #5

    We will systematically evaluate and assess learning, processes, and programs against internal and external benchmark standards to hold staff and students accountable for our culture of excellence.

    Strategy #6

    We will employ and retain high-performing, dynamic educators with character and conviction to improve themselves and their students through effective strategies by innovative, targeted continuing education, freedom and flexibility to teach beyond established assessments, all with District support.