• Aspire 2025 Strategic Plan Overview

    Aspire 2025 was created with input from key stakeholders that included parents, teachers, students, administrators, district personnel, and community members. The Strategic Planning Team (SPT) created the objectives and strategies, and the Action Teams created the steps needed with rubrics to follow to meet the objectives and strategies. This has been a very positive, collaborative process, building on the foundation that was created by Aspire 2022.


    A declaration of the unique identity to which the organization aspires; its specific purpose; and the means by which it will achieve its purpose.
    The mission of Eagle Mountain-Saginaw Independent School District is to foster a culture of excellence that instills a passion for a lifetime of continuous achievement in every student. 

    An expression of fundamental values; ethical code, overriding convictions, and rock-solid principles.
    1. Every student is a unique individual with unique potential.

    2. Effective communication is key to success.

    3. Engaged and interested students learn more effectively.

    4. Respect is a key to success.

    5. Education is a team effort.

    6. High-quality educational facilities optimize student and staff success.

    7. Accountability is essential to success.

    8. A physically and emotionally safe environment promotes student learning.

    9. A high-quality education is barrier free.


  •  The information below shows the plans three areas of focus: excellence in academics, excellence in personalized opportunities, and excellence in organizational improvement. Each focus is further categorized into areas affecting students, staff and families. Each of these areas has a strategic objective and strategy. Click on the icons below to view these areas and see the progress status of each step outlined in the plan.

Excellence in Academics

  • Teaching and Learning
  • Recruitment & Retention of Quality Staff
  • Social/Emotional Support

Excellence in Personalized Opportunities

  • Student Engagement
  • Staff Engagement
  • Family Engagement

Excellence in Organizational Improvement

  • Systems Thinking
  • Safety and Security