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    10251 Warehouse Way | Fort Worth, TX 76179 | Phone: 817-306-0684 | Fax: 817-847-5308

    GoldStar Transit provides a complete transportation program for the EMS ISD, including home to school, vocational, athletics, and extracurricular trips.
    Route information for the 2019-2020 school year will not be available until August 1
  • Find Your Bus Route
    Visit https://eaglemountain.thebusportal.com/elinkrp/ to find your child's bus route. Log in to the bus portal by entering your student's ID number as both the Username and Password. You will be prompted to change your password after logging in for the first time.
    • If your child's ID number does not work, this means your child is either not registered to ride the bus or they are in a walk zone.
    • If you are new to the district and you want your child to ride the bus, your child must be registered to ride the bus. You can complete this process by calling GoldStar Transit at 817-306-0684. Your child's student ID# will be required to process your information.
    • If you move over the summer or during the school year, and your child rides the bus, contact GoldStar Transit to update your information.