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    Let's Inspire Innovation 'N Kids 

    The LiiNK Project creates the learning platform for rigor and achievement in the classroom.

    Present Initiatives

    Add character development as a content area 
    Increase the amount of physical activity/recess in the schools
     LiiNK Leadership Team
      The LiiNK Leadership Team
     Dr. Debbie Rhea  Candice
     Dr. Debbie Rhea  Candice Martin
     Founder of the LiiNK Project    EMS ISD LiiNK Program Specialist 
     d.rhea@tcu.edu  cwilliams-martin@ems-isd.net
    Media Contact: Megan Overman, EMS ISD Director of Communications

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    For more information about the LiiNK Project: http://liinkproject.tcu.edu/

    Photo Credit: Rachel Robinson Photography