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    Risk Management Department Function  
    The Risk Management department is a component of the Human Resources Department which handles Worker’s Compensation, Unemployment and the District’s Employee Safety & Wellness Program.The department consists of procedures Eagle Mountain Saginaw Independent School District has adopted to help you work safely and minimize accidents. Everyone plays an integral role in preventing accidents.  From every level of management to one’s immediate supervisor as well as administration. All are involved in the Risk Management Safety program and will do their best to help you work safely. Our primary concern will always be your safety. Eagle Mountain Saginaw Independent School District considers accident prevention to be an important part of our daily activities. When any employee is injured or loses time from work because of an injury, it directly affects serving our EMS children. Continuing efforts will be made for providing and maintaining safe and healthful working conditions and for following operating practices that will safeguard students and employees.  We must accept our individual responsibilities in preventing accidents. By working together we can avoid the personal suffering and financial loss associated with accidents. If you are unsure of any safety procedures or have suggestions for improving employee safety, please consult your immediate supervisor or contact us. 
    Amber Galloway, Personnel Specialist