• What to Do in the Event of an Accident/Injury at Work

    1. Report to the Campus Nurse to assess the existent of your injury. Be sure to have the nurse complete “Nurse Accident/Incident Form”
    2. Immediately report the incident to your immediate supervisor or supervisor on duty
    3. Complete the “Employee Incident Report” immediately or within 24 hours
    4. Be sure your immediate supervisor completes the “Supervisor Incident Report” within 24 hours from the date/time of the work injury
    5. If medical treatment is necessary, seek it right away. A list of highly recommended medical facilities are listed below.
    6. Make sure to communicate not only with your immediate supervisor, but with the Risk Management Department at kheiskell@ems-isd.net regarding any time away from work due to the accident
    7. If medical treatment is sought, you must attend your doctor follow-up appointments until there is a FULL RELEASE to return to work with no restrictions.

    *The “Employee Injury Report” and the “Supervisor Incident Report” are located on the EMS ISD website at:  emsisd.com>Departments>Risk Management. Copies are also available from the Nurse or Supervisor.


    Medical Facilities Recommended for Weekdays:

    Nova Medical Center – North                                       Hours:  Monday-Friday  8:30am-5:30pm

    3645 N. Beach St.                                                                  Minimal Wait Times

    Fort Worth, Texas 76137                                                      Free Transportation if needed

                                                                                                 After Hours Triage Hotline

    Nova Medical Center – Central                                           100% Occupational Medicine                 

    1106 Alston Ave, Ste. # 120                                     

    Fort Worth, Texas 76104


    Medical Facilities Recommended for Evenings and Weekends:

    CareNow                                                                       Hours:  Monday-Friday  8:00am-9:00pm

    3520 NW Centre Drive                                                                      Saturday  8:00am-8:00pm

    Fort Worth, Texas 76135                                                                   Sunday  8:00am-5:00pm

    (NW Centre Drive – West of 820)


    CareNow                                                                        CareNow

    7232 N. Freeway                                                               4524 W. Bailey Boswell Road

    Fort Worth, Texas 76137                                                    Fort Worth, Texas 76179

    (I35W & Basswood)