• EMS Library and Media Services Logo  
  • The purpose of the Library/Media Services program in Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD is to positively impact student learning through the provision of resources and collaborative lesson planning and implementation.
    The Library and Media Services program in Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD is focused on influencing student learning through the provision of resources and planning and presenting lessons with teachers. The following beliefs, mission, and vision were developed collaboratively by the district's elementary, middle, and high school librarians.
    We believe ...
    • all students should have equitable access to library resources.
    • learning is an active process.
    • reading should be purposeful and enjoyable.
    • reading skills are essential for success in all subject areas.
    • students should have choice in the selection of reading materials.
    • providing a variety of reading materials and resources will lead to student success.
    • the library is dynamic and ever-changing.
    • the librarian optimizes the overall academic success of all students.
    • the librarian bridges the information gap.
    • the librarian has an essential role in the instructional program.
  • Mission Statement
    As an integral part of the Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD learning community, the library and media services program provides guidance, resources, and collaborative instruction for students and staff to gain the skills necessary to become effective, life-long learners and ethical and creative users of ideas and information.
    Vision Statement
    The EMS ISD library team will create inviting environments with state-of-the-art resources, facilities, and equipment where students, staff, and community members are actively engaged in collaborative learning endeavors.