• Workers Compensation

    See Policy DEC(LOCAL)

     All on the job injuries must be reported immediately or within 24 hours to your immediate supervisor or a supervisor at the time of injury.  Please be sure to report to your campus nurse to access the existent of your injury.

    The Employee Injury Report and the Supervisor Accident Investigation Report must be completed and submitted to Evette Bluitt within 24 hours of the injury. Failure to comply timely, could result in delayed medical treatment, lost compensation and could cost the district up to $500.00.

    Please refer to the “Forms” tab for all applicable forms.

    All reports must be sent to Evette Bluitt, Coordinator of Risk Management either by fax at (817) 232-3596, email: ebluitt@ems-isd.net  or hand delivered to the Human Resource Department at 1200 Old Decatur Road Fort Worth, Texas 76179


    Click here to access the Supervisor's Accident Investigation Report

    Click here to access the Employee's on the Job Injury Report

    Click here to access the Witness Statement Report