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    Let's Inspire Innovation 'N Kids 
    The LiiNK Project creates a learning platform for rigor and achievement in the classroom.
    Present Initiatives
    Add character development as a content area 
    Increase the amount of physical activity/recess in the schools
     LiiNK team
      The LiiNK Team
     Dr. Debbie Rhea Candice Williams
     Dr. Debbie Rhea  Candice Williams-Martin
     Founder and Director of the LiiNK Project    EMS ISD LiiNK Program Specialist 
     d.rhea@tcu.edu  cwilliams-martin@ems-isd.net
    Media Contact: Megan Overman, EMS ISD Director of Communications 
    Find us on Facebook @emsisdliink 
    For more information about the LiiNK Project: http://liinkproject.tcu.edu/ 
    TCU LiiNK Twitter @tculiink
    TCU LiiNK Instagram @tculiink
    Photo Credit: Rachel Robinson Photography