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    Parents are sending to schools the very best that they have…their children.  The commitments of love and care, the work towards the fulfillment of hopes and dreams, the time and energy given to raising, training, preparing and disciplining these young people, and more, demonstrate their student’s importance.  Every day during the school year, parents and guardians entrust to EMS ISD their most precious gifts.  What an awesome responsibility that the District accepts. 

    EMS ISD is committed to ensuring the safety and security of every student, along with every staff member and visitor to our campuses.  EMS ISD is committed to exploring new ways to enhance our security measures and to provide safety supports to all members of our district community.  This page is dedicated to the sharing of safety and security information to our district community.  EMS ISD is committed to keeping Every Member Safe! 

  • Safety is a Shared Responsibility

    To ensure the day-to-day safety of all students and staff at our schools, here a few ways parent and students can help!

    Parents, please be sure to...

    • Enter and exit your child's school through the main office entrance only.
    • Always sign in when visiting your child's school.
    • Never prop open exterior doors.
    • Pick up and drop off your child in a timely manner to avoid leaving the child to wait outside.

    Students, please be sure to...

    • Avoid conduct that is likely to put yourself or others at risk.
    • Follow the behavioral standards in the handbook and the Student Code of Conduct, as well as any additional rules for behavior and safety set by the principal, campus behavior coordinator, teachers, or bus drivers.
    • Remain alert to and promptly report to a teacher or the principal any safety hazards, such as intruders on campus or threats made by any person toward a student or staff member.
    • Know emergency evacuation routes and signals.
    • Follow immediately the instructions of teachers, bus drivers, and other district employees who are overseeing the welfare of students.

    Safety is a shared responsibility. Help us with our goal to keep #EveryMemberSafe!