• Bullying

    Bullying is one of the most widely discussed topics in developing school safety and security. The safety of our EMS students is a top priority.  EMS ISD incorporates Lion's Quest character education or Positive Action programming K-12 in order to support our students' social emotional growth, in learning about themeselves, others, and how to value and treat one another.  In recent years, cyberbullying has increased among students. Effective September 1, 2017, Texas legislature enacted David's Law to address bullying and cyberbullying of public school students, encourage mental health programs in public schools, and increase the criminal penalty for bullying or cyberbully.  EMS ISD educates students on reporting cyberbullying and keeping themselves and others safe online. Learn more about the district's policy on bullying on the Administrative Regulations website under Policy FFI.

    Is it Bullying? - Texas State Safety Center Checklist

    Texas Bullying Law

    EMS ISD Board Policy FFI (Legal and Local)

    Report bullying through any of the following anonymous on-line sites:  Friends for LifeLet's Talk and CrisisGo!

  • See something? Know something? Say something!

    Report bullying or other incidents through the CrisisGo! website.

    By using CrisisGo, the online bullying report*, students can be proactive in maintaining a safe environment for everyone while remaining discreet. It is the responsibility of all students, staff, and parents to keep Every Member Safe!

    *Though it is called an online "bullying" report, we invite parents and students to use the online form to report ANY concerns or incidents. If you select a school, the report will go directly to campus administration.