• Take a moment to relax. 

    From impactful national events to everyday life stressors, we all need to take a moment for ourselves to find peace.  

    The EMS ISD Counseling Department has created this virtual calming room for families so they can access tools to help manage emotions or find help. Click through each of these rooms to find a website or smartphone app that can refresh, relax, entertain, or inspire you.  

    For more counseling tools, visit the Comprehensive Counseling Guide page. 

  • Virtual Tours
  • Puzzles
  • Phone Apps
  • Visual Relaxation
  • Help Textlines and Hotlines
  • Sounds and Music
  • Coloring and Creativity
  • Animal Live Cams
  • Healthy Cooking
  • Exercise and Yoga
  • Meditation, Mindfulness, Encouragement, and Compassion