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What Can I do to Help?

  • What parents can do to help:

    • Please do not go to your child's school. Additional traffic could keep emergency personnel from reaching the campus in a timely manner.
    • Please do not call your child's school. Busy phones lines could keep staff from calling emergency personnel.
    • Wait for instructions from district personnel. Our commitment to parents is to provide updates every 15 minutes.
  • What students can do to help:

    • Remain alert and promptly report to a teacher or the principal any threats or hazards. See something? Know something? Say something!
    • Know emergency evacuation routes and signals. Take drills seriously. In the event of emergency, we rely on muscle memory to carry us through!
    • Follow immediately the instructions of teachers, bus drivers, and other district employees who are overseeing the welfare of students. It may be uncomfortable at times; rest assured we are working tirelessly to keep you safe!
  • What EMS ISD can do to help:

    EMS ISD currently provides the following programs and facility enhancements:

    • Director of Safety & Security, Charles Ramirez, Director of Safety & Security
    • School Resources Officers
    • Security Cameras
    • ID Badges for Employees and Students
    • Visitor Check-in Software
    • Campus Security Personnel (secondary)
    • Routine Safety Drills & Emergency Preparedness Plans

    The 2017 Bond Program has committed more than $6 million to the following improvements:

    • Security Camera Upgrades
    • Controlled Vestibules with Access Control
    • Playground Updates
    • New Fences
    • New Sidewalks and Sidewalk Repairs

Rule of 5

  • In the event of an emergency, EMS ISD will ask students and parents to follow the rule of 5:

    the number five with a circle around it  

    Five minutes of silence.

    This allows everyone to assess their surroundings and the location of the threat.

    the number five with a circle around it  

    Five students will text parents at a time.

    Small groups ensures we do not cause networks to become too busy.

    the number five with a circle around it

    Every five minutes.

    After everyone has had a chance to text parents, we will continue the rotation every five minutes.

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