• Game Day Information


    Schedules are located on the OVERVIEW page. The link will take you to rankone to view the schedules.


    Adults: $4.00/ Students: $2.00

    District adminstrator passes are accepted

    Senior citizen passes from all districts are to be accepted.


    Athletes are expected to pay attention to the game that they are playing in. Parents are not allowed to converse with students during the game. While waiting for their game to begin, or for a game to finish, all athletes will be seated as a team in a designated location. Parents are not allowed to join the team at any point during athletic events. All parents will be asked to be seated in the bleachers or bleacher area during football games.

    Pre-Game Meals

    Athletes will receive their food if they ordered any, or had any food dropped off when they arrive to the gym.




    A bus will take them to the game. Students are not permitted to ride to the game with a parent.


    The bus will not leave until the final game of the night has been completed.

    Athletes can have a parent sign them out and they may leave with that parent from a game. Parents can ONLY SIGN OUT THEIR CHILD. Parents are not allowed to sign any other athletes out, and parents cannot provide rides for other students from the game. If a parent cannot provide a ride from the game, students will ride the bus back to the school where they will leave their equipment and get a ride home. 

    If signed out by a parent at the game, all equipment and uniforms MUST BE RETURNED the next morning (both 7th/8th grade). If equipment is not returned the next morning, students will be held responsible for the missing equipment.