• 2020 Summer Strength and Conditioning:

    Online Training Program

    The following online training program exists as a series of complete body workouts, intended to serve those students who are not able to physically attend an EMS ISD campus specific summer training session, while planning on participating in an EMS ISD athletic activity during the 2020-2021 school year.

    The weekly workouts and detailed daily exercises are intended to be executed in the order that they appear.  To open the exercise simply hover the cursor over the icon and click.  Mobile users will need to utilize the videos on the webpage below.  Each exercise should be performed, as modeled in the video clip for one continuous minute followed by the next movement without any rest in-between exercises.  If an athlete cannot complete the exercise for one continuous minute then they should pause, rest a few seconds, and continue until they achieve the complete one minute duration of exercise not counting the rest taken. 

    Each monthly calendar posted presents a self-explanatory timeline of what specific workout should be performed and when.  Each complete training day involves different body parts, as well as energy systems, and should focus on proper form, intensity, and duration of the exercise.  Each training day also completes itself with a detailed prescribed warm-down.  Be patient, take time to learn the proper form of the exercise, along with creating the training circuit, to minimize rest time.


    For more information please visit the EMS-ISD summer strength and conditioning page at https://www.emsisd.com/Page/47795