• Pre-Game Meals Are Optional


    Meals From Home

    On game days, parents all allowed, and encouraged to bring food for their athlete as a pre-game meal. This can be either food purchased (fast food), or food brought from home (sandwiches etc.) All food must be submitted to the MCMS front office by 3:00pm. Any later and there is a possibility that the meal may not make it to your athlete. All food must be labeled with students first and last name. Meals that are not labeled may not make it to their owner.

    Jason's Deli

    This year we will be partnering with Jason's Deli to provide pre-game meals. The game day meal will include:

    Slim portion of premium ham or oven- roasted turkey breast, on white, wheat, croissant, or wrap bread with lettuce and tomato on the sandwich, a bag of kettle chips and a chocolate chip cookie. Veggie option available. Mayo and mustard are served on the side.

    Event Meal ($8.95 - Includes Tax & Service Fee)

    Gluten Sensitive Meal ($13.81 - Includes Tax & Service Fee)

    Once purchased, Jason's Deli will bring the boxed meal labeled with your athlete’s name to MCMS. The MCMS coaching staff will then distribute the meals to the athletes who purchased them.

    *When ordering online, we recommend ordering weekly. We do not recommend ordering for the entire season up front. The reason we encourage weekly ordering is so that if a game is cancelled (possibly due to Covid) parents will not have to go through the hassle of getting a refund. 

    To order Jason's Deli Please use the links below

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    8th Grade Football