• Student IDs
    Students will be required to wear IDs while at school as well as when attending sporting events at the high school and middle school levels.  We are requiring students to wear an ID as another layer of safety so that we are able to ensure every student is a Marine Creek student.  The first ID and lanyard will be free.  Additional IDs will cost $5, and an additional lanyard will cost $1.
    PBIS stands for Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports.  It is the building management system we utilize to encourage students to make positive behavior decisions.  Students are able to earn points for positive behavior and then can use those points to purchase snacks as well as an entry into special events. Scholars have access to their PBIS app and can show you how many points they have earned.
    After School Pick-up
    Please do not park in the fire lanes on the side of the school. 
    Dress Code
    Shorts need to reach below the fingertip.  Students are not allowed to wear flip flops/slides for safety reasons.  
    Uber Eats/Door Dash
    Our front office will be unable to receive delivery orders unless a parent is dropping off the food.  The front office will not receive deliveries from companies like Uber Eats/Door Dash.  Parents, you are more than welcome to drop off food for your students.  Please make sure you are aware of their lunch period.  
    RevTrack is the company we use to accept electronic payments.  Payments made to the front office (to retrieve cell phones, airpods, etc.) will be received electronically only.