• Chisholm Trail Rangers with Chisholm Trail High School Ranger

    Badger Golf


    • You must have a physical on file with the school. Please follow the guidelines set by the EMS-ISD and your school.
    • Every golfer should have their own clubs and bag.
    • Each golfer should know how to hit the ball, play on the course, and keep their own score.
    • This is a UIL competition class and not a ‘get-out-of-PE’ class.
    • We are able to store your clubs at school, so you will not need to transport them to the MS and HS daily.
    • Boys will wear a collared shirt. Girls will wear a collared shirt if it is meant to be tucked in. Non-colored golf shirts for girls are permitted if they are designed to be worn for golf. No t-shirts are permitted on the course. Flat soled shoes are mandatory at practice, i.e. golf shoes, tennis shoes and the sort. No football or baseball spikes, no boots, and no slippers are permitted. No denim pants are allowed at practice.
    • This is a year-round class. It is an outside class. Temperatures vary widely. There is a EMS-ISD “heat” and “cold” policy in place. We will NOT play or practice in the event of lightning or heavy rains.
    • A school bus will provide transportation from the MS to the HS.
    • You will be able to change clothes when you arrive at CTHS. When the HS golfers are dismissed for their last period, we will ride the bus to practice. After practice, the bus will return all golfers to CTHS. Our traditional return time is around 6:15. A team shirt will be provided for you for competitions.
    • There will be 3 tournaments in the fall and 3 tournaments in the spring. You will be able to play if you meet the UIL grade requirements and are able to play and keep up with the expectations of scoring.