• Welcome to the Ed Willkie Middle School Counseling Department!


Our commitment to you...

  • The philosophy of the Ed Willkie Middle School Counseling Department is to help all students by providing them with a safe and supporting environment regardless of a student's previous academic performance, family background, socioeconomic status, race, or gender. We believe that our program is responsible and accountable for fostering positive student growth in academics, citizenship, and responsibility. 
    Our mission is to help enhance the learning process and promote academic achievement for all students. We encourage personal growth, social skill development, goal setting and planning to enable students to reach their potential and to prepare them to become positive and responsible members of society. Our main objective is to deliver a comprehensive guidance and counseling program here at Ed Willkie Middle School.
    Through our comprehensive guidance and counseling program, Mrs. Hendricks, Ms. Lavallee,  and Mrs. Vance strive to provide an educational setting for all students that is safe, encouraging, supportive, and challenging. Together with our staff, we are committed to the responsibility involved in fostering and creating academic success for each student. We welcome and appreciate the support of parents as they are actively involved in the education of their child, which creates a partnership that promotes the positive growth and success of each child.