Personalized Course Selection

  • What is it?
    Personalized Course Selection will allow current 8th graders, high school Freshmen, Sophomores and Juniors to participate in choosing their courses for the next school year using their Student Access account in Skyward.  The benefits of this system include:  a streamlined approach to choosing courses, intentional advisement including creating, revisiting, and revising 4-year plans, and some student choice in creating their 8 period day.
    When is it happening? As you read across this chart, you will find when skyward course requests and parent meetings will take place by school, per grade, and date.  
    8th Grade Parent and Student Information Night
    Course Request Window    
    School Current Grade Date
    BHS Juniors 1/11/22-1/18/22
    BHS Sophomores 1/20/22-1/26/22
    BHS Freshmen 1/28/22-2/3/22
    CTHS Freshmen 10/19/21-11/30/21
    CTHS Sophomores 1/6/22-1/20/22
    CTHS Juniors 1/24/22-2/4/22
    SHS Juniors 11/8/21-11/12/21
    SHS Sophomores 11/29/21-12/3/21
    SHS Freshmen 1/6/22-1/14/22
    All High Schools 8th Grade 2/7/22-2/11/22
    Event Title Audience & Location Date
    Dual Credit Information Night Current High School Student/Families; HCTC 1/24/22
    High School Showcase Current 8th Grade Students/Families; All High Schools 1/31/22
    School Grade Date  
    ALL High Schools Current Juniors  April 25th 8:30 am-9:59 pm
      Current Sophomores  April 26th 8:30 am-9:59 pm
      Current Freshman  April 27th 8:30 am-9:59 pm
    ALL Middle Schools Current 8th Graders  April 28th-29th 4:30 pm (4/28) - 9:59 pm (4/29)
    School Grade Date
    All High Schools Current 8th - 11th May 16th - 20th

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