• Personalized Course Selection
    What is it?
    Personalized Course Selection will allow current 8th graders, high school Freshmen, Sophomores and Juniors to participate in choosing their courses for the next school year using their Student Access account in Skyward.  The benefits of this system include:  a streamlined approach to choosing courses, intentional advising including creating, revisiting, and revising 4-year plans, and some student choice in creating their 8 period day.
    When is it happening? As you read across this chart, you will find when course requests and parent meetings will take place by school, per grade, and date.
    Course Requests    
    School Current Grade Date
    All High Schools Freshmen Oct.- Nov.
    CTHS & SHS Sophomores December
    CTHS & SHS Juniors Jan.- Feb.
    BHS Juniors October
    BHS Sophomores February
    All Middle Schools 4 Year Plans & Course Requests 8th Grade February
    Informational Parent Nights    
    CTHS, BHS, & SHS Parent and Student Information Night 8th Graders January
    SHS Advanced Academics & DUAL credit Information Freshmen, Sophomores, & Juniors December
    BHS Advanced Academics & DUAL credit Information Freshman, Sophomores, & Juniors January 
    CTHS Advanced Academics & DUAL credit Information Freshman, Sophomores, & Juniors January 
    Skyward Schedule Request Dates     ADJUSTED dates TBD
    ALL High Schools Current Juniors  May 
      Current Sophomores  May 
      Current Freshman  May 
    ALL Middle Schools Current 8th Graders  May 
    All Schools Schedule Change Window  TBD

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) & How-To Video

    **2020-21 Update: In order to support initial planning choices and endorsement pathways, alternates will not be available for students to choose during schedule request selections.  Alternates will only be used by Counselors to resolve individual student schedule issues and fill gaps, as needed.  Once schedules are finalized, students will still have the option for a schedule request change in June.  Changes will be based on seat availability and prerequisite requirements.

    Click here to view a list of FAQs and answers.